🎉 Dewalt Celebrates 100 Years!

This year is a big one for Dewalt—it’s their 100th birthday! To mark this huge milestone, they’re rolling out special deals all through the year.

First on the list is a great offer:

Anyone who buys a special 5AH POWERSTACK tool kit between January 22nd and May 1st, 2024, can get a FREE 5AH POWERSTACK Battery. But, you’ve got to claim yours by May 15th, 2024, to get it.

This year’s deal is even sweeter than last’s, with a bigger, better battery up for grabs.

  • How to Snag Your Free Battery: Pick up the special 5AH POWERSTACK tool kit.
  • Register what you bought on Dewalt’s website by May 15th, 2024. Enjoy your new, free battery! Dewalt wants to thank their customers for a whole century of support with this offer. It’s their way of saying thanks and giving a little back. Make sure not to miss this deal and keep an eye out for more offers as the year goes on.
  • You can see the powerstack range by clicking HERE
  • Claim on the Dewalt site HERE